Friday, February 27, 2009

I had an appointment today with my wonderful therapist, S. I recounted the story of the hospital experience and explained that I've had a rush of every possible emotion over this past week. I'm devastated, hopeful, depressed, and elated at possibility. I explained to her that I keep debating adoption versus surrogacy. After I finished what felt like a two hour monologue, she looked at me and said "Well, how do you expect you'll make a decision?" I don't know lady, that's why I'm here! I always know exactly what I want, I'm a very decisive person. I know where I want to vacation, what I want for dinner, my favorite ice cream flavor, what I want to watch on TV, which book I want to read next. I can easily make decisions, even major decisions, without excessive effort and very quickly. I'm afraid something is wrong if I can't make the decision between surrogacy or adoption as definitively as I can determine if I want Pumpkin Pie ice cream or Butter Pecan. Today, I'd choose pumpkin pie. Tomorrow, perhaps butter pecan. Aye, there's the rub. I feel like my decision is mutually exclusive. If I choose surrogacy I am not forever indebted to surrogacy. If it fails, we turn to adoption. If I don't like it before we start, we proceed to adopt. I will not be held hostage by my decision. If we spend tens of thousands of dollars on failed surrogacy attempts, there is no doubt we will find a way to scrape up the money to adopt. I've been so afraid of making a decision because of fear of the decision I'm not choosing...what if that one was the better decision to make? Well, then I make it next time. It's like what Oprah always says, "You can have everything. You just can't everything all at once."

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  1. Oh have a pickle indeed. I am like you that decisions come to me very easy. I read your blog and feel for you and hubby. The struggle seems to never end. All I know is don't close any doors. I have had a very difficult week this week with the whole surrogacy process and Monday was ready to quit, Tuesday came and I got some fight back, by Thursday I was in the mind set of if its meant to be it will be and today I am still there even after some big dilemma came to the table. Take it one day at a time, one emotion at a time. It becomes our whole focus and overwhelms us....been there doing that! I wish you all the best in coming to a decision that feels right for you guys. Keep blogging and keep the faith. Your moments will come...clarity is around the corner...somewhere.