Sunday, February 22, 2009

How the world turns...

I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm now communicating with two potential traditional surrogates in the states. One live in Ohio & the other in Indiana, both about a 4 hour drive from us. I just don't think India is going to satisfy me, we need an ED and there is such little info available on them and then the surrogate is in INDIA so it's not like we can participate in the pregnancy very much. I want to rub the belly and I want our baby to know who carried him for 9 months...those are things India simply cannot offer me. I think it's a wonderful choice for so many people, just not for us. I joined this forum that is for intended parents & surrogates and I've met tons of really great people so far. A TS from Ohio seems so awesome, my only concern is her age, but we're not ready to start down this path quite yet anyway so I'm sure we have plenty of time to find a TS if we want. I have a call into the urologist to answer some of my questions about dh's sperm. We have an appointment in 2 weeks, just in case he can't answer all my questions over the phone. He's not in until Thursday (of course) so I have to try and be patient until he calls. I having thoughts that we could use dh's sperm with IUI if we can improve his numbers. Maybe if he lost a little weight, ate more fruits & veggies, and took supplements his numbers could get better. Then, we would do TS with his sperm and 9 months later have an adorable little bundle of joy. For now, I'm trying to hold out on thinking of all the potential hazards of lawyers, pre-birth orders, and contracts and just trying to focus on what "might be". It would be nice, although, I'm also trying to prepare myself for disapointment bceause nothing fertility related has ever been good for us. Would we want to do TS with donor sperm? I'm not sure. In the meantime, I'm learning as much as I can about TS. Our previous journeys with surrogacy only considered gestational, and there is so much more to consider with traditional. Although, the costs are lower because you avoid IVF/ICSI, which is great if our sperm is good enough.

I had a massage today, with my friend who is 41.5 weeks pregnant, she had hoped it would induce labor. We booked a double room and undressed together, it was tough to fight back the tears to see her beautiful baby belly. It makes me want one of my own even more; a baby and the belly to go along with it.

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