Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sperm Problems

I wonder what the record is for a single couple having a number of infertility issues? I'm pretty sure I'd hold a strong competition! I have or had: PCOS, endometriosis, adenomyosis which left me without a uterus or ovaries. We've also talked with our RE today and dh has some major sperm issues, which makes surrogacy just about out of the picture. So, are we seriously going to pursue surrogacy using donor sperm & donor eggs? I doubt it. And, we can't do that in India for sure because the laws require one of us to be genetically related to the baby. I guess India is definately out of the picture. We could do traditional surrogacy in the US with donor sperm but I think that legally complicates things quite a bit. I like choices-I don't like when they are all taken away from me. I'm mad at God today.


  1. Hi Sara.

    The clinics in India all use ICSI to fertilise the egg - which is an added bonus when the swimmers are not quite up to scratch. Is this something that could still work for you guys too?

    Lisa B

  2. Thanks :) I think that's great they do that, I just don't know if India will satisfy me. I want to be intimately involved in the pregnancy and unless she speaks English & I can move to India for 9 months I don't think that is possible....I wish I could feel it would satisfy me though because it seems like a great opportunity for baby-making!