Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SA results

Here we go, from last week:

SA from 2 years ago:
Liquefaction: between 10-30 minutes (which is normal)
Sperm count: 5.90 million (should be at least 20 million)
Morphology: 8% normal
Motility: 40% after 1 hour, 30% after 2 hour (should bebetween 50-100% at each hour)
Ph: 7.6 (normal is 7-8)

Liquefaction: greater than 60 minutes (not normal)
Sperm count: 9.0 million
Morphology: 42% normal
Motility: Total motile is 18% (should be greater than50%) This test didn’t break down by the hour.
Ph: 9.0

So, the PH & liquefaction are off in today’stests, but I don’t care…he could have a virus or whatever thateffects those, those are very temporary things & I don’t care about them (unless someone thinks I should??). The count went up a lot & the morphology is perfect (they want morethan 30% to be normal). The motility decreased quite a bit….but….theway they break out the motility is a little different on the most recent SA. It says Rapid Progressive: 13%, Slow Progressive: 5%. Then, it says thesum of % of Rapid plus Slow should be greater than 50% OR the % of rapid aloneshould be more than 25%. If you look at rapid alone….it’s 13%and it should be 25%. Not too bad….it’s bad, but I don’t think it’s too bad.

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