Monday, April 6, 2009

Shut up, Oprah!

I adore Oprah, she truly is one of the most remarkable people alive. She is generous and pure in ways that I believe we all should be. Everyday I DVR her and truly enjoy my time to watch her show. She makes me cry, laugh, and challenges me to be a better person. Today, however, she pissed me off.

Her show today is basically about the "realities" of motherhood. Moms are confessing some of their deep confessions about how overwhelmed they are as mothers. One mom admitted that she actually forgot to feed her child dinner, another admitted that instead of bathing her children she'll have them go in the hot tub instead hoping the bubbles were enough to make them clean. One woman actually admitted to having a favorite child, someone lets her kids eat pizza for breakfast at least twice a week. The most difficult confession to hear was the woman who said the day she had to go shopping for a mini-van was the worst day of her life. I would give anything to be shopping for a min-van right now! I can't wait to get behind the wheel of a van, complete with the "Baby on Board" sign and packed full with baby paraphernalia and a screaming baby in the back. I can't wait!

A guest on the show said that after she gave birth she had to mourn the loss of her old self. Mourn. The. Loss. of. your. old. self.? I would love to get a chance to speak to that woman & tell her a little bit about what its like to lose yourself and then mourn that loss.

They had a mini-clip after commercials about "What no one ever tells you about motherhood" here are the some of the's comfortable to feel the underside of your boob on your belly, baby boys wake up with woodys, it's so difficult it is to be a mom but no one will tell you because if you knew you'd never do it, you might not love your baby right away, you will hate your husband...

I'm so angry I don't even know where to begin. I think Oprah needs to do a show about "What No One Ever Tells You About Infertility."


  1. Oh God I am so right there with you. Oprah's constant bleating about motherhood being the most important job in the world makes me want to reach through the TV and choke her. What about those for whom motherhood doesn't come easy, or those for whom being non-mothers is not through choice or lack of trying? Does that mean we non-mothers, despite busting our guts to become mothers, are relegated to an inferior position to mothers just because we can't do it?

    Did you see the one with the woman who was so busy and stressed she left her baby in the car while at work for 8 hours and came back and baby had died from basically being cooked alive? And she had her on the show as a warning to other mothers to beware of your stress levels, because motherhood is such a feaking stressful amazing job it can potentially make "normal" women cook their babies in their car.

    That woman should be in jail, but no, she's on Oprah getting support for making a "mistake". Ugh. Think I have to go write my own blog post about this.

  2. Oprah can bleat and blabber on all she wants..

    Truth is untill she becomes a parent( yeah like that would ever happen) thenshe should stick to reviewing books.

    Sorry, the woman irks me to the moon and back.

  3. i just had dinner with my own personal oprah. she's a mother of three who doesn't know if she agress with the ethics of indian surrogacy. but she's not judging me...she would never judge me.

    i wanted to hit her and i nearly did.

  4. I am glad to hear you are in more positive spirits and are still working toward your parenting dreams.

    I wish you well and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers that all will work out for you next year.

    Just sorry we don't talk anymore but I am respecting your choice and trying to understand the best I can.

    Good luck and take care.