Tuesday, January 12, 2010

March Madness

I'm not sure I can even explain our rationale, except to know that we've been reminded that what we want most in life is a baby to love, and so we have moved up our date for insems to March. Just two short months away! For the first time, I can almost feel what it might be like to be expecting a miracle. If God blesses us in our first attempt (which I'm praying he does), we'll be pregnant for Mother's Day and my birthday this year! And, I would have spent the last Christmas without a baby in my arms!

I spoke to the clinic today and they provided us with the lists of testing and preparations for M. She's begining to track her cycles and I ordered her plenty of OPK's that will be delivered to her home this week. I have an appointment tomorrow with an insurance representative to discuss life insurance and short-term disability for M. She also has an appointment next week with her OB for a pap smear and surrogacy discussion.

On to the task of ordering sperm. It seems so surreal, so strange, and completely uncomfortable to be online looking for semen samples. The clinic that will do our ICI has suggested a sperm bank that is local to them. I am off to examine their samples and see if anything catches my eye...if sperm every does catch one's eye.


  1. Wow!! Only 2 months now!! So very exciting for you all!

  2. Blessings to you all!!!! I am praying for you and reading the blog every time you update.

    BTW, I am blessed to be getting a do-over by proxy from our amazing friend, K... she is giving me a blow by blow, down to actually telling me every detail of what is it like to give birth. I am so happy. So, so happy. God works in the most interesting ways. K is the woman who gave birth to our child we were to adopt... that passed at birth.