Sunday, November 8, 2009

We've gained a month!

2 friends announced their pregnancies yesterday, which sent me spiraling into a baby rage-depression. After the crying, screaming, swearing, and snot filled sobbing had subsided, dh suggested that we move our big ttc date from July to June. It wasn't quite the January that I had been begging for, but after so many childless years, I will take what I can get! So, June it is. Around midnight I sent a text to M to share the exciting news & June works perfectly for her and her dh. They are ready and waiting on us so I'm sure a month sooner is a welcomed change.

June is 205 days away! I've planned vacations with a longer countdown than 205 days! I can do this. I can wait 205 days after waiting this long. I can do this...


  1. Sara,
    I too have gotten news of people getting pregnant in the last few days. Some I didn't even know were pregnant and got the news they were ready to deliver soon! I am happy for my friends who have struggled though, that news is fantastic. I too can't wait. I will be trying with my TS this month. I hope and pray that this is my month to make that fantastic announcement. I hope that soon it will be your month also!!

  2. Sara,

    I am so sorry. I wish I could make things better for you... keep the faith. I became a mom at 45 almost 46 and the Duo are my life...
    The DH said to me, when we were adopting "One and We're Done". I bet he would have said that during our journey too, it took so long and was so incredibly expensive.

    Instead, God created the Duo. I am so blessed. I love being an older mom.


    I can keep up just as well as the young'uns and have the wisdom and experience of an older person....

    In addition, I will never have empty nest symdrome, which all my HS friends seem to have right now as their kids either enter jr/senior year of HS or graduate.

    The DH will retire just as the kids graduate from HS. Which I LOVE! No empty nest syndrome....

    Hugs and blessings to you... and M.

  3. I Sara,
    Just another IM stopping by to say hi, can't wait for june!!!

  4. Hi, Sara, my name is Zori. My husband and I need to find an angel like your to help as to achive our dream to become a parents. I know how does it feel when you see peoples happiness and you know that you can't have it. I wish you all the best in your life and i hope your dream will come true as soon as possible:):)

  5. Sara - these next few months will fly by and it will be your time before you know it! I can't wait to share your journey!

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