Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm so incredibly sad it's tough to even type about it. A very dear friend adopted their second baby in May. The birthfather knew about the pregnancy for the entire duration and chose not to participate. They were required to wait 60 days post-birth for it to be completely clear. On the 59th day he decided he wanted to assert his rights. It's been a court battle since then and they just had a hearing. The 18 year old birthdad showed up...with his mom. (You f*cking loser!), he wants full custody. He explained to the court that he's fit to be a parent because as long as he stays living with his mom he can afford to make child support. Excuse me? And, ladies and gentlemen, here is our legal system at it's best.


  1. Hence why so many of us doing surrogacy DON'T WANT TO ADOPT!!!!!

  2. I'm with Rhonda, this is the exact reason we are pursuing surrogacy, I feel for your friend, what a hard loss!

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